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About Us

Coating Specialty Papers, Since 1986

In 1986, Japanese-owned Oji Imaging Media Co., purchased our factory located at 20 Cummings Street in Ware, Massachusetts. The facility boasts a rich history of innovative paper manufacturing. For more than 35 years, our organization has invested in positioning ourselves as global leaders in direct thermal chemistry development and paper manufacturing and coating technologies.


Kanzaki Specialty Papers is committed to manufacturing and distributing quality surface-coated materials in an atmosphere driven by cost-effective production and full utilization of its human resources.


Nestled in the Appalachian foothills of central Massachusetts's, both our region and our facility embody industrial innovation, deeply rooted within the paper industry. We continue to build meaningful relationships within our local communities.


Kanzaki Specialty Papers is a leading name in the direct thermal paper manufacturing industry. Since 1986, we have been a wholly-owned subsidiary of Oji Imaging Media Co., Ltd., part of Oji Holdings in Japan, one of the largest producers of paper in the world. We work in tandem with our international family of companies and their resources to deliver high quality at competitive prices. Our mission is to create sustainable paper products that are both environmentally responsible and meet the high standards of our quality assurance and our customers.

Our Core Values

  • Safe & Effective Work Environments

  • Unmatched Product Quality & Customer Service

  • Product Development Focused On Improving Sustainability

  • Continuous Improvement In Product Quality & Operational Efficiency

Building Sustainability

We acknowledge our responsibility and recognize our ability to make meaningful changes that increase our sustainability and decrease our carbon emissions, consumption of resources and waste production.
Read more about our active efforts to pass these benefits onto our customers and end users.

Our Management Principles

  • Seek and hire high quality candidates.

  • Equip employees with quality training and continued education.

  • Foster quality communication and a fear-free work environment.

  • Help employees understand how their specific role contributes to the overall value of our organization.

  • Encourage employee input regarding opportunities for improvement of production and products.

  • Foster comradery, teamwork and effective lines of communication between all departments.

  • Build meaningful relationships with vendors, customers, partners and community members.

  • Ensure that management is positioned and equipped to support these principles throughout the organization. 

We Are Hiring, Join Our Team

Kanzaki Specialty Papers is always looking for dedicated, hard-working, and talented individuals to join our team.  We are currently hiring at our Ware, MA facility for both full-time salaried positions and entry level manufacturing positions in our Union workforce. We offer competitive pay and a generous benefits package that includes medical, dental and 401k match.

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20 Cummings Street
Ware, MA 01082

United States of America


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8:00 am – 4:45 pm

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